Citrix VDI & DaaS – Reduce expenses by leveraging new advancements in Auto Scale

Citrix Autoscale, introduced in 2019, has quickly become one of the most widely adopted features due to its ability to optimize cloud spending while maintaining exceptional user experiences. Recently, this capability was extended to the on-premises control plane in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2305, ensuring all administrators can benefit from its power.

In response to the growing demand for cost-effective solutions, Citrix has released a suite of new Autoscale features aimed at helping organizations save on costs without compromising performance. Let’s delve into some of these new features.

1. Hibernation with Azure VMs:

Hibernation allows organizations to pause idle virtual machines (VMs) and save on compute costs without affecting user experience. Users can resume from where they left off with faster logon performance, leading to improved productivity.

2. Power Settings for End User PTO:

A new policy enables administrators to power off or hibernate machines when users are on vacation or not logged in, reducing unnecessary compute expenses during idle periods.

3. Autoscale Setting to Power Manage Machines:

Administrators can now configure Autoscale settings to power manage machines if there are no user connections, further optimizing resource utilization and cost savings.

4. Autoscale Insights:

Data-driven Autoscale Insights provide administrators with valuable analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of their Autoscale settings. These insights help ensure alignment with end-user usage while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

5. Vertical Load Balancing:

Vertical load balancing, now available at the delivery group level, allows organizations to pack sessions vertically onto existing machines, reducing sprawl and optimizing costs in public clouds.

Leveraging these new Autoscale features, organizations can achieve significant cost savings without sacrificing performance or user experience. The ability to hibernate idle VMs, power manage machines based on user activity, and analyze Autoscale settings with data-driven insights empowers administrators to make informed decisions and optimize resource utilization effectively. With Citrix’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, organizations can confidently embrace Autoscale as a key component of their virtualization strategy.

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