Data Backup & Recovery


RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) are two key metrics that any organisation must consider to develop an appropriate backup or disaster recovery plan that can maintain business continuity after an unexpected event. …

Cloud Backup

Unlimited cloud backup for all your system where you can keep your data protect and restore point in time data while any disaster

Hybrid Backup

Cloud and onsite data backup delivered as service where local backup allows quick recovery and cloud backup provide extra protection if onsite backup lost.

Onsite Backup

Protect the entire system with onsite backup where you can protect data using own hardware or cloud location. Even you can copy data from one location to another.

Endpoint protection

Optimised and centrally managed data backup for end-user or mobile users

System Availability

Keep critical system up all the time using availability solution and keep up-to-date you disaster recovery site without compromising primary site performance

Cloud Migrate

Simply migrate environment to, from and between cloud.

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