Working from Home in the Age of COVID-19

Many companies worried about their business due to this uncertain virtual earthquake COVID-19. Companies are not sure when this will end and what they need to do to run business. To avoid workforce disasters, many of them started allowing Work form Home but it’s very difficult to provide required resources at home for more than 80% day to day business requirements. We can say we are fortunate in Information Technology (IT) where we can provide resources to our workforce.

When we are talking or trying to adopt Work form Home then the business needs to maintain compliance with minimum cost and if we are talking about a seasonal or unwanted disaster like COVID-19 then it’s very difficult to invest time, money, manpower for temporary arrangements then we started thinking on various aspects and avoid to take WFH like decisions.

Here we are trying to provide some useful Approaches, method, and technologies which may help you to make decisions.

Approaches : 

 1) Traditional Approach: Here generally we compromise and ask our workforce to use their personal resource to compete day to day work or wait for resource restoration and complete work using extra man-hours. But as you know this approach may push our business to back foot or in loss and sometimes our workforce leaves us due to extra pressure.

2) Modern Approach: This approach is somehow helping businesses to maintain rhythm and also avoid extra burden to our workforce. To run with the modern approach we need to understand some methods

Method 1: Provide IT resource to our workforce so that they can work with all the compliances. But its really very difficult for a situation like a temporary disaster which we are facing as COVIT-19. It’s good for those who already invested or have some kind of business continuity plan.

Method 2: Adopt such technology which helps us to overcome these situations and we can say a combination of below technologies can really help us. 

  1. Cloud Services: Being pay as go model will really very fruitful here, We can spin as much resource as we can afford and stop services when we don’t need them and some of them are AWS, AZURE, GOOGLE  
  2. Application and Desktop Virtualization: This technology is one of the proven options which really helps us in many such disasters in past and this is the most adopted BCP plan where our workforce can connect to our corporate system and work from anywhere. Tools like Citrix Workspace, Amazon WorkSpace, VMWare Horizon, Accops, Parallels, etc proved it multiple times.
  3. Mobility (Mobile Device and Application Management): Mobile is nowadays very handy and its a really good tool to overcome these types of situations. We can use bring your own device (BYOD) concept to mobilize our business in such a critical situation and here we can use Citrix Endpoint Management(XenMobile), VMware Air-watch, Mobile-iron
  4. Virtual Private Network(VPN): We can use this to extend our network to users’ devices over the internet and achieve our business goals with the help of Citrix Netscaler, F5, AWS Client VPN providers.
  5. Online Collaboration tool: It will really help in collaborating with others from anywhere of the world with a central online repository where the flexibility of creating, edit, share and review content. Citrix Sharefile, AWS, WorkSpace are common for this use case.
  6. Online Meeting and Web Conference Tools: Can give a business the ability to host collaborative team meetings, group presentations, and remote support. Some of the tools that we can consider are GotoMeeting, Amazon Chime,  Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams or Skype.
  7. Chatbots: This is one of the great tools which nowadays help the business to address mass business queries and lots of providers are there which we can help here us one of them is AWS ChatBot.
  8. Virtual Answering Machin: Through this, you can route all your business calls to your workforce as per business requirements and we think AWS Connect like tool is one of them

There are are many more tools that can help here but it depends on how we want to address our problem but the most important thing is choosing the right partner who can really help you get the right tools in these types of situations.

Adopt Work From Home to save humanity with the right set of tools without losing business goals